The story is based on the life of the Dutch writer/poet Jan Arends. The film follows the structure of his story 'A bachelor living in lodgings'.

In this story a man retreats to the darkest, gloomiest and worst room he can find. In the film there are two story lines; the first is the present where it's Jan Arends himself who moves in such a room. His only contact with the outside world is with his landlady, who just wants to make money out of him. While Arends is going downhill , he's looking back at his life (he's dreaming his way back to the past step by step).

These flashbacks are the second story line, in which we're going back further in time. It's a search to what happened in his life so that we understand how it has come so far. At the end the two story's are coming together. In the present is Arends only leading a vegetative live, in the past we're back at the time that Arends is born.

The viewer has to feel the battle of Arends.If you let yourself take away with his battle you will see that the life of Jan Arends isn't all that miserable. If you see it through his sharp point of view you can also see the good things.

Writer: Koert Davidse
Director: Jelle Nesna
Director of Photography: Joost van Starrenburg
Sound: Alex Booy
Art director: Floris Vos
Production manager: Annemiek van Gorp
Production company: Lemming Film
Producers: Leontine Petit
Joost de Vries
Co-producer: NPS Television
Director: Jelle Nesna
Scenario: Koert Davidse

38e Poetry International Festival